Vacuum Cleaners | Definition | Classification | Fun Facts

Vacuum cleaner is a device in which air pump is used to generate rarefied air inside for sucking up dust and dirt particles. This device is generally used to clean up floors, carpets, furniture and any other surfaces that might collect dust. The dirt collected from the target surfaces can be kept in a dust bag or special tank inside of the device. There are various types of vacuum cleaners depending on size and function. Some are used in home, while the larger ones are used for commercial purposes (industrial vacuum cleaners). The basic types of vacuum cleaners are upright cleaners, Cylinder cleaners, Drum cleaners, Wet and Dry cleaners, pneumatic cleaners, backpack cleaners, hand-held cleaners, robotic cleaners, cyclonic cleaners, and central cleaners.  In general, vacuum cleaners are used to clean the following areas:

  • Dust particles and dirt located in any corner of the house.
  • Small web along with its creator – spider.
  • Room carpets can be cleaned up effectively as they may contain various germs responsible for human health hazards.
  • Furniture (giving a new look to a sofa).
  • Very complex work of cleaning dust under the seat and dashboard of a car or similar vehicle.
  • Walls and fans can be clean up.

Among different types of vacuum cleaners, wet and dry vacuum cleaners seem to have more advantages in use. Primarily, these machines have nice look and comfortable size.  As they have hovering advantage, they can be used in cleaning up small, big sized objects or even in garden cleaning along with home use.

Wet-Dry vacuum cleaners can be used to:

  • Clean up liquid substances from any surface. Carpets spoiled with juice or other type of liquids.
  • Unblock pipes or remove small particles from the sink.
  • Clean fireplace and surrounding areas
  • Suck some amounts of snow if needed

Once collected, dust can be cleaned up from the tank easily.

Q&A. Interesting Facts

Have you ever tried to describe the sound of a vacuum cleaner?

The most common and expected answer is “white noise”, however defining onomatopoeia could be really challenging. Due to inability of human voice to produce this type of sound it will always depend on one’s perception. Different people usually describe this as: “Shshshshsh”, “Vfffffffff”, “Shvoooooo”, “Vrooom”, “Whirrrrr”.

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